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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use my microvox with a wireless system?

Q. Why does my Microvox not seem to be very loud?

Q. Will my Microvox work with the phantom power switched on?

Q. Can I use my mixer's phantom power instead of a Microvox Power Supply?

Q. Do all microvox microphones need a power supply?

Q. What differences are there between the Mini and Standard power supplies?

Q. How is the balance between the two PSU inputs adjusted?

Q. Which Power Supply should I choose?

Q. What differences are there between the M400 and M500 Mics?

Q. What about guarantees, servicing and repairs?

Q. How soon can I expect delivery after I have ordered?

Q. What are the prices in my country's currency?

Q. How do I place an order?

Wireless systems

Microvox microphones are compatible with most guitar type wireless systems (Trantec, Nady, Samson, AKG etc). Many of our customers have found the Samson Airline system to be very convenient due to its long battery life and the lack of necessity for a second belt pack.


Volume Problems

You probably have your Microvox connected to the 'Line' input of your amp. It is a microphone and therefore should be connected to the 'Mic' input. On most modern amplifiers, the microphone input is an XLR (3 pin) socket so a Mono Jack Plug to XLR connector is needed to connect the Microvox PSU to the amp. The standard pin configuration for mono/balanced line XLR is:

Pin 2 - Signal
Pins 1 & 3 - Screen

Click here for a ready made cable
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Phantom Power

You cannot use phantom power if you are using a balanced line (XLR) input on your mixer. Doing so will burn out the mic elements. If there is no way to turn off the phantom power on the channel that you are using then you will either have to use the 'Line' (Jack) input or, if that input is not loud enough a DI box and the 'Mic' input.


Click here for a DI box and more information
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Do I need a PSU?

The M305 and the M310 Accordion/Melodeon microphones have a built in power supply. All the others need one of the two available external power supplies.

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Can I use my mixer's phantom power?

The phantom power on most mixers is set at 48v. This is far too high a voltage for Microvox microphones and so a PSU must be used.

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PSU Differences

Case Diecast aluminium. ABS
Battery 9v (PP3) 1.5v (AAA)
Controls On/Off/Volume/Battery Indicator None
Mic Balance (for 2 mics) Internal Preset Internal Preset
Fastening Belt/Pocket clip Belt/Pocket clip
Inputs 2 phono sockets 2 phono sockets
Output 1/4" (6.5mm) mono jack 1/4" (6.5mm) mono jack
Dimensions 110x60x31mm. 25x50x75mm.

The power to both PSUs is disconnected when the output jack is removed.

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Adjusting balance

Remove the back and reduce the volume of the adjustable input as shown:

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Which Power Supply?

Both power supplies work with all Microvox microphones but the output level of the Mini PSU is slightly lower than that of the Standard PSU and is generally not powerful enough for the M420, with its four microphone elements. If your instrument is relatively quiet e.g. Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola, then we would recommend use of the Standard PSU. The Mini PSU has no On/Off or Volume controls. It is simply 'Plug in and go' so if you require some degree of control at your end of the cable, the Standard PSU is more suitable. Both PSUs have a belt clip which can be used to fasten to a belt, a pocket or an instrument strap.

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M400 or M500 Mic?

The M400 mic element faces down toward the instrument whereas the M500 element faces across the instrument (Axially, in line with the cable).

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All Microvox products are guaranteed for three years from date of purchase. Repairs to older products are usually carried out free of charge provided that faults are not caused by misuse. Repairs to antiques may incur charges to cover replacement parts no longer in use and additional labour.

If you need to return goods from overseas and have to complete a Customs declaration, please be aware that the exciseman is not interested in the value of your system for insurance purposes. He will assume that I am importing foreign goods and withhold them until payment of duty and handling charges unless the parcel is carefully labelled. I would suggest something like "Faulty/damaged goods being returned for repair, value £0", both because while your system isn't working it isn't worth anything and also because that is the value of the transaction.

We have an authorised US repair facility - Please contact us for authorisation before sending repairs to:

DJ's Custom Electronics
*Authorised US Repairer.*
Kansas City
MO. 64112

phone 816-531-6981

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Orders will normally be dispatched within three days of receipt of an order. UK/European customers should receive their orders within a week. Parcels to US, Canada and Australia usually take 10 days. Shipping is included in all prices.

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International prices

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We have a secure on-line ordering system.

Cheques in pounds sterling can be sent to the address below. (Cheques in other currencies incur large and unpredictable bank charges and are not recommended.) Please remember to include a delivery address.


International : +44 1484 684049

UK: 01484 684049

31 Heys Road
West Yorks.


For any further questions please Email -


Microvox Ltd., 31 Heys Road, HOLMFIRTH, W. Yorks, UK. HD9 7SF

Tel: (0)1484 684049

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