Professional Instrument Microphones
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M400 M405/M410/
A range of microphones for accordions and melodeons of all sizes providing a natural acoustic sound with minimum feedback. More
M305/M310 M305/M310




M400 M400 A pair of microphones which fasten to each end of the English or Anglo concertina. The sound produced by these microphones is an accurate reproduction of your instrument's quality. More
Realistic reproduction of your instrument's sound. This is a microphone, not a transducer so your guitar/bouzouki/mandolin will be louder without altering its sound qualities. More


Accurate sound reproduction from this microphone which fastens to the body by means of a cork-faced clamp. More
M400 Swan Neck A microphone which fastens to the tailpiece by means of self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape pads. More


Brass instruments


M400 Swan Neck Mounted on the outside of the bell, the Swan Neck microphone provides faithful sound reproduction whilst allowing the use of a mute.More
Suitable for all percussion instruments. More


M400 M500 Amplify your banjo whilst maintaining its acoustic qualities. More
Mounted on the edge of the bell this microphone picks up accurate soud from the bell and the stem. More



Mini Swan Mini Swan Strap on microphone for flute, recorder and whistles. More



harmonica mic Harmonica
A miniature hand held microphone which is far easier to use than its clumsy rivals.More

Power supplies

PSU Standard
Two input power supply for providing 9v phantom power for the above microphones with on/off, volume, balance controls and an LED battery inlevel indicator. More
Mini PSU Mini PSU A Basic power supply providing balance control only. More

Padded, Zip-up cases (Supplied with PSUs/M310)
  Padded cases supplied with our systems. More

Mono Jack / XLR cable
  1/4" (6.5mm) Jack to XLR cable for use with our power supplies. More

Behringer DI20 DI box
  Behringer DI box for use when 48v mixer phantom power cannot be switched off. More

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