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Power supplies


A lightweight basic power supply with two microphone inputs, one of which is adjustable, thus providing balance control. The unit switches on with insertion of the output jack and can be mounted on a strap or a pocket/belt by means of a clip
Dimensions :   25x50x75mm.
Weight :   75 g (approx)
Battery :   1 AAA
Output :   1/4" (6.5mm) Jack
Inputs (2) : Gold plated phono sockets
Impedance :   1K.
Controls :  internal balance

Price in UK - £40.98


A larger, belt mounting, power supply with on/off, volume control, internal balance and LED battery indicator in a die cast aluminium case.

Dimensions :   110x60x31mm.
Weight :   225 g (approx)
Battery :   PP3. (9v)
Output :   1/4" (6.5mm) jack.
Inputs (2):   Gold plated phono sockets
Impedance :   1k
Controls :   On/Off, Vol, Internal balance, LED indicator.

Price in UK - £61.43

adjusting PSU balance


Both PSUs can be connected to the 'Mic' or line input of your mixer. This input may be an XLR (3 pin) connector. The standard Mono/XLR balanced line pin configuration is:

Signal - Pin2
Screen - Pins 1 & 3

Please click here for a cable wired to this specification

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